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The 8 Tiny-Myte speaker has become popular with upright bass players from around the nation. They are highly efficient and virtually all-instrument amplifiers that deliver a minimum of 25 watts (at 8 Ohms) will drive it (class AB or D). It is very compact, measuring only 14.75 x 7 x 11.75 and weighing 16 pounds. This version helps to accentuate the frequencies above the fundamental tones of the instrument those that need some amplification to embellish the sound in a near field (smaller room) environment.
The main (8) driver in this system was custom designed by Eminence speaker company in Eminence, Kentucky. Eminence is the largest speaker corporation in the world and builds transducers for virtually every major sound system manufacturer. They are made in the United States just 30 miles from our factory at Falk Audio. The horn is a proven Motorola Piezo tweeter. For a slight up-charge, we can add an L-Pad ( volume) control to the tweeter. All Tiny-Myte speakers have a bottom recess to allow for stand mounted applications. All speakers come with a 6 (1/4 to 1/4) cable. Speak-On connectors on cables are an option.

Please call or e-mail for pricing and other information. All units are shipped from our location in Louisville, KY.

The Falk 8 Tiny-Myte speaker


The Falk 8 Tiny-Myte speaker

Precision drivers used in the Tiny-Myte include Motorola Piezo Tweeter and custom designed Eminence 8 main driver




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