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Direct Box

The Falk Direct Box is a fantastic value with all of the features necessary to interface a guitar or synthesizer output to the Low Impedance inputs of a PA system or audio mixer.  The compact unit (4x2x2-1/4") offers full transformer isolation with device input, output to amplifier and Lo-Z isolated XLR output.  A ground lift switch allows pin 1 of the XLR interface to be lifted to eliminate ground loops.

Microphone Combiners

This clever box allows the user to combine two low impedance microphones to be effectively combined into one output.  The unit is available in two versions:  resistive (for use with Phantom or dynamic microphones) or inductive (transformer) for dynamic microphones.  The compact unit measures 5 x 2-1/4 x 2-1/4" and uses deluxe Neutrik XLR connectors.  Specification and application sheet is included.


Microphone Splitter

The Falk Microphone Splitter allows a single low impedance microphone to be split between a direct output (which will pass Phantom power) and a transformer isolated output.  A ground-lift switch is provided on the isolated output side.  The compact unit can be carried easily in an accessory box for those situations that require feeds to more than one device.


PA System Interface and Humbuster

This is the one audio processor that should be in every audio engineer's arsenal of equipment.  With this unit, you can input the stereo from CD players, cassette decks, laptop computers with PowerPoint or other sources.  The box will combine the stereo signals to mono or can accept a single mono 1/4" feed from a mixer or other line-level device.  The signal level can be altered with the "level match" control to the device(s) that you are feeding.  The unit contains two transformers, one to isolate the line-level output from the input signal and a second transformer to convert the impedance to balanced Low-Z with a convenient ground-lift switch on the XLR 3 pin male connector.  This circuit will virtually isolate the incoming/outgoing feeds from one another, including the grounding circuit.


The Falk "Humbuster" consists of a 600/600 Ohm transformer interfaced to RCA or 1/4" input/output connectors.  It allows the user to break the hum created by the difference in ground potential between input and output devices.  A great little box to carry with you for those problem times.

Line Level Volume Control

This inline volume control allows you to "match" the level between the incoming device and outgoing feed in situations where you (the user) cannot control the output level of the device feeding an input.  This can be an invaluable tool.  Available 1/4" to 1/4" or RCA stereo (with combining to mono) to 1/4" output.


Speaker Level Volume Control

This 8 Ohm inline volume control operates at speaker level allowing you to control the volume of monitor or main speakers in a PA system.  The 100 Watt L-Pad allows you to control the volume from off to full.


Stage and Auditorium Snakes

Falk Audio builds custom snakes in various configurations to suit our customers in units from four to twelve feeds/returns.  We use only the finest all metal "D" series Neutrik XLR connectors (male and female) and Rean or switchcraft 1/4" connectors.  See basic costs below or call for a special quote.  We can even include impedance matching transformers as part of the input box.


Broadcast Audio Distribution Box

The Falk Broadcast Audio Distribution Box feeds from a single line level mixer output, 1/4" unbalanced.  This handy box has 6 outputs, 4 Lo-Z microphone level balanced XLR male with ground lift selectable on each of the 4 outputs. There are 2 line level outputs, unbalanced and fully isolated 1/4" and 3.5 mm mini. This box requires no external or internal power source. It transformer couples the mixer output to the 6 outputs with minimum loss and maximum isolation.


Floor Switch


Floor switch for microphone or keyboard/guitar. Available with or without LED indicator. High quality footswitch for on/off. Balanced low impedance XLR in/out. ON indicator with LED gives exceptional battery life from 2 AA cells. This product is also available with 1/4 unbalanced inputs for controlling keyboard or guitar. High quality die-cast aluminum box with rubber feet.


PRICE LIST:   (Prices subject to change without notice)        Effective:  August 2012
Freight and Handling charges extra - shipped via UPS ground

Direct Box:  $29.95
Microphone Combiner(s):  Resistive - $40.00   Inductive - $45.00
Microphone Splitter:  $45.00
PA System Interface and Humbuster:  $49.95
Humbuster:  1/4" - $25.00   RCA stereo to 1/4" - $30.00
Line Level Volume Control:  1/4" $25.00   RCA Stereo to 1/4" mono $30.00
Speaker Level Volume Control - 100 Watt - $35.00
Snakes:    Six channel: 50' - $100.00   100' - $150.00
             Nine channel: 50' - $145.00   100' - $205.00
         Twelve channel: 50' - $215.00   100' - $250.00
On-Stage Camera to Mic. stand mount:  $10.95
Audio-Technica ATR35S Lavalier microphone:  $49.95 (1/8" or 1/4")
    above microphone with XLR-3 male installed:  $54.95
Broadcast Audio Distribution Box:  $95.00
Floor Switch Controller:  microphone or 1/4 inputs with LED indicator: $45 sans LED $40. Specify which version.


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