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Who is Falk Audio?

Falk Audio is part of a consortium of small businesses based in Louisville, Kentucky who are joined together by their activity within Louisville's music industry. They consist of Falk Audio (electronics for music, audio duplication and restorative recording), TNT and Canyon Productions (recording studios and CD duplication services), The Louisville Chorus (regional vocal ensemble), Yancey Entertainment (DJ and sound reinforcement services), and Nevisonics (speaker repair).


History of Falk Audio

Falk Audio was started in Louisville, Kentucky in 1971 by Gary Falk and until 1997 was known either as Falk Recording Service or Falk Recording Studio. Falk Recording Studio was an integral part of the Louisville music scene, recording bands and orchestras, industrial scripts and jingles. Falk Audio has been located in our new building since mid-1997.

As a working musician, playing music jobs and shows in Louisville, Gary designed a PA system for his own group (named Indigo) that was transportable, compact and efficient and felt that there was a void in the marketplace for a public-address system that fulfills these requirements, not just to musicians, but to anyone requiring sound reinforcement equipment. He remains committed to three basic considerations: light weight, compactness and reliability. This philosophy remains central to all of the Tiny-Myte products from Falk Audio.

The Falk Studio Console

As a saxophonist and electronics buff Gary designed and built much of the studio gear, an activity which would later emerge as the basis of Falk Audio. Gary has built two full-feature audio production consoles during the course of the last 20 years. The largest console was featured in an article in Recording Engineer/Producer magazine in March of 1992. When Gary relinquished his studio interest to Tim Haertel of TNT Productions and Chris Cassetta of Canyon Productions, both of these consoles remained central to their activities. They are still utilized on a daily basis today.


Falk Audio remains a cassette duplication and tape loading facility, doing label printing, shrink-film services and CD replication, but the main focus of Falk Audio today is on the custom electronics division which manufactures the "Tiny-Myte" PA systems. The recording studios, duplication facility and electronics division are all located in the same building at 6303 Fern Valley Pass in Louisville, Kentucky.

Some of the staff at Falk Audio


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